About me

Jill Heil is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, Rescuing Jack and Jill, A Real Jack & Jill Story, for Children’s Inspirational and Travel with Pets!
Jill is a long-time volunteer and advocate for rescuing dogs from overpopulated shelters.
She firmly believes that all dogs deserve a chance, no matter their age.
It is Jill's mission to Inspire kids and adults alike to rescue animals, and by doing so will save 5 million dogs. A portion of the proceeds from each Rescuing Jack and Jill purchase will go to animal rescues to make that goal possible. In addition, Jill loves to inspire those in and around her community. Lately, she's been reading Rescuing Jack and Jill to classrooms full of amazing children. Jill's outreach program includes putting together little bundles of comfort (a copy of Rescuing Jack and Jill and a warm, fuzzy blanket in a cool bag) for her Book/Bag and a Blanket program which benefits children in need. While Jill's love of saving animals is one of her most notable characteristics, Jill's friends know her best as a motorcycle riding drummer whose jubilant laughter lights up the room.