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Hi, my name is Jill. I've always wanted a small white dog and I found him online.

He was about four-years-old and looked very sad, most likely because he had lived in icky conditions at a puppy mill, until the Clark County Humane Society rescued him.

I rescued Jack, and he rescued me and we had 11 1/2 great years and together, we rescued other dogs.

I wrote a short story about my life with Jack and how we rescued each other.

Jack was the biggest blessing and inspiration for me to get involved with helping rescue our furry friends.

My purpose in life is to inspire others to get involved so they too can experience the Love~Joy~Peace of helping animals in need!

There are way too many pets who need adoption, as many as 2 million

There are many ways we can help. Of course you can adopt a pet from a local shelter, but even if you can't do that you can still help.

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Adopt pets

Ways You Can Help Get More Pets Adopted

This handsome hound is Petey, an adoptee from Tennessee. He was a puppy when adopted and has lived a happy dog life since then

Even if you can't adopt yourself there are many ways you can still help.

Volunteer your time at a local pet shelter

Be a foster pet parent

Join community organizations that help facilitate adoptions

Be a volunteer pet transporter bringing adoptable pets to shelters that need them

Donate $ to your local pet shelter

I have done all of these at one time or another. And every experience has left me better than before.

And of course you can shop my store full of products adorned with pet art and make great gifts for the animal lover in your life

A portion of our proceeds go to rescue more animals.

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A Note from Jill

Hi, Jill here

I would encourage you to visit your local
Humane Society or rescue organizations, to rescue your favorite animal.

Please consider being a foster
parent to help dogs or other animals in need. Being a foster parent can be very
rewarding, for you or your entire family!

You can learn more information at these websites

Having a dog in your home is a great experience...a bond unlike any other!

For the Love of Paws!

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Read 'Rescuing Jack and Jill'

My friends, this is my real Jack andJill story.

My dog, Jack, and I living the good life, while helping other senior furry friends

Jack inspired me to get involved with animal rescue organizations. 

My heart goes out to all of the senior and special needs dogs that don’t have a voice or home.

Jack made my purpose in life is to inspire others to get involved in rescuing animals.

You too can experience the
Love~Joy~Peace of helping animals in need!

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  • Steve V.

    This book was so heartfelt and
    touching. It not only reminds us how valuable we are to our furry loved ones, but also how valuable they are to us. The book is excellent for all ages.
    Children will love the story and excellent illustrations, while adults will be touched by the deeper meaning behind book which reveals how Jack and all the other animals also helped rescue Jill in return. You can certainly tell the
    author has a deep care for animals. Would highly recommend this book to all
    animal lovers!

  • Linda

    My family and I loved this book! It
    was so heartwarming and makes you want to go out rescue dogs with the author! This book should be in every pet store...I would recommend it for any age,
    great for children and adults alike!!

  • Emily D.

    Such a charming book! The story is important and the pictures are exquisite. I would hope that everyone in the world would read it for themselves and for their children, and take it to heart. This world would be so much better! Thank you, Jill & Jack for telling your beautiful story—a story that I hope will never end.

A message from Izzi

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